Charter Info

Standard Trips

Below are a list of some typical trips that we offer. As fishing is influenced by many factors including weather, tides, season… we are always willing to adjust the trip to meet your expectations. We encourage you to contact us during the booking process so that we can help to guide you with your decission.

Full Day


8 hours

Our full-day charter allows us to cover more area and fish less-pressured and deeper waters. It also allows the flexibility to troll and bottom-fish. During our standard full-day trip we may encounter blackfin tuna, mahi, wahoo, sailfish, amberjack, grouper, snapper, and bonito.

Custom Trip


8+ hours

As mentioned there are a lot of variables when it comes to fishing offshore. At Saint Somewhere Charters we recognize that our clients might want to try something unique. Maybe catch a Shark at night. Or try for that Swordfish during the evening hours and then roll into daytime Deep Drop. Give us a call and we can help to formulate a plan that meets your request. Pricing will be determined and agreed upon in advance at time of booking.

Deep Drop


8 hours

For those interested in catching some of the tastiest fish in the ocean (swordfish, tile fish, grouper, snapper, mahi, blackfin tuna), we venture into the deep blue waters off of Port Canaveral where there is far less fishing pressure and abundance of trophy-sized fish. Captain Joe has the gear, technique and experience for one of the best fishing adventures our area has to offer.



11-12 hours

Often booked as a combination swordfish/golden tilefish charter, swordfish are year-around residents in Florida’s Atlantic waters. Swordfishing requires a lot of fishing line (nearly 1000ft depths) and a lot of patience. Normally found over 35 miles offshore, they are opportunistic feeders that forage the bottom during the day and hook-ups can be difficult. When you hook one of these tasty giants you’ll experience the thrill of a lifetime.


  • Included
    Fishing Charters are limited to 6 people per trip. All fishing charters include fishing gear and tackle, fishing licenses, bait, ice, water, fish cleaning and bagging.
  • Payment Info
    Saint Somewhere Charters requires a $200 deposit upon booking.
  • Gratuities
    Gratuities make up a significant portion of the Captain’s and mate’s income. An industry standard 20% is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated. Please make your Captain aware of any issues you may have during your Charter so that he can address them immediately.
  • Cancellations
    Bookings canceled before 48 hours we will provide a full refund. There are no refunds for bookings canceled less than 48 hours from time of departure. For those who wish to rebook within 48 hours of a scheduled departure, 50 percent of the deposit will be applied to a new booking. If the booking is canceled due to weather or mechanical reasons a full refund or re-booking will be offered. Sea conditions forecasted over 3 to 5 feet or small craft advisories constitute weather cancellation for safety reasons and a full refund will be offered. The Captain reserve the right to make the best decisions for your safety and that of the crew.


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